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Plant Pests and Diseases

How can you control pest insects that are damaging your vegetables, fruits, roses and other plants, while at the same time taking care of precious bees, butterflies and other beneficial insects? The answer is using organically certified, environmentally friendly pest control methods. Biogrow products have been proven to control pest insect infestations, strengthen plants and enrich soil, while not harming the air we breathe, the soil we use, our water and beneficial insects. 


Fast-Acting Broad Spectrum Spray For Heavy Pest Infestations

Use BIOGROW PYROL, a potent, fast-acting broad spectrum insecticide that kills all stages of insects.

Preventative Spray for Pest Insects

Use BIOGROW BIONEEMa natural organic insecticide, for when your insect problem is still low-key, or as a preventative spray, effective against a wide range of insects.

Garden Pest Protect Program

An ongoing program for your garden to give your plants a jump start and to protect them through the growing season, use our BIOGROW GARDEN PEST COCKTAIL.

Organic Liquid Fertilizer

When you need to strengthen your plants and add nutrients for the micro-organisms in the soil, choose an organic liquid fertilizer such as BIOGROW BIOTRISSOL.

Organic Fungicide For Mildew, Black Spot, Etc

For Fungal diseases such as mildew, blight, rust, leaf spot, black spot, powdery mildew, etc, use BIOGROW COPPER SOAPan effective fungicide for disease control.

Slug and Snail Bait and Traps

BIOGROW FERRAMOL is an excellent bait to protect vegetable gardens, fruits, berries, citrus and crop plants from slugs and snails. Our Eco Snail and Slug Traps are also highly effective!