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Biogrow Biotrissol - 500ml - R92.50 excl VAT

Biogrow Biotrissol - 500ml - R92.50 excl VAT

Regular price R 92.50

Product Info
  • BIOTRISSOL is an organic liquid fertilizer to give your plants that extra boost.
  • This is a natural fermentation product gained from processing sugar beet. It contains a combination of essential nutrients (3% nitrate, 2% phosphoric acid, 5% potash and trace elements), in an organically assimilated form.
  • The vitamins, ferments and growth-promoting substances contained in BIOTRISSOL strengthen the plants and promote the formation of blooms.
  • BIOTRISSOL also provides nutrients for the micro-organisms in the soil and thus help to reactivate the soil.
  • Nitrogen (N)                 3%

    Phosphorous (P)                   2%

    Potassium (K)              5%

    Sulphur (S)                  85 mg / ℓ

    Calcium (Ca)                50 mg / ℓ

    Magnesium                   105 mg / ℓ

    Sodium                         100 mg / ℓ

    Copper                          .10mg / ℓ

    Zinc                               .20 mg / ℓ

    Manganese                   .55 mg / ℓ

    Iron                               3.2 mg / ℓ

    Boron                            .18 mg / ℓ
Directions for Use

Dosage: 5mℓ /1ℓ water.

Directions for use:

  • Use as a foliar feed or drench. Combines exceptionally well with Biogrow Copper Soap and Bioneem as a seasonal cocktail to strengthen and protect your plants. 
  • Spray in the coolest part of the day to avoid phytotoxicity.
  • Store in a cool dry place, out of direct sunlight. 
  • Keep out of reach of children. 
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