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About Our Bird Control Spikes

What are your bird spikes made from?

In what colours are the bird spikes available?

What is the size of the bird spikes?

Are Ecogreen bird spikes long lasting?

Where can I use Ecogreen bird spikes?

Can Ecogreen bird spikes harm birds?

Can Ecogreen bird spikes deter larger birds like seagulls?

Can smaller birds, such as sparrows, land or roost in between the spike needles?

How does your gutter clip work?

Where can I use the Remova-Clip?

How To Buy Ecogreen Bird Spikes

Where can I buy Ecogreen bird and pest control products?

Bird Spike Installation

What steps do I need to go through to properly install Bird Spikes?

What adhesive can I use to attach the bird spikes and where can I buy it?

What if I have a very wide ledge that I need to cover with bird spikes?

What if some of the ledges are narrower than the bird spike, for instance, against a wall?

Can I install Ecogreen bird spikes myself?

What if I feel I cannot install the bird spikes myself?