Vinnet Vineyard Bird Netting Info and Instructions


Money-Saving, Affordable, Long-Lasting

Increase your profit margins - use Vinnet vineyard bird netting. Made with UV protected materials, it is reusable for up to 3 years when stored and maintained properly. With special care, Vinnet bird nets can last for up to 5 years.

Recent studies have shown that when bird netting is used correctly, growers can easily expect more than 90% protection against birds. It's not, 'Should I consider bird control?'. It's 'How much money will I make and save by using Vinnet vineyard bird netting?'


You want your grapes protected, but you don’t want a heavy mesh that will hinder plant growth. The advanced design has created a lightweight vineyard netting, ensuring healthy growth of your vines and grapes, and at the same time, keeping birds out.

Easy Installation.

Vinnet is only installed on the lower half of the trellised vines, giving your grapes their much-needed protection. Only one or two people are needed for installing a net. See installation instructions below.

Healthy Air-Flow

Allows for healthy air flow between grape vines. This helps reduce the risk of fungi growth and bunch rot – particularly for hot and humid South African climate areas.

Prevents Deterioration of Grapes

Without Vinnet bird proof netting, birds will feast on your grapes, causing a truckload of problems:

1. Fungal infections, bacteria, and harmful insects that are attracted to the oozing grape juice.

2. Inferior and unusable grapes leading to a massive percentage of your grape harvest being lost.

3. The quality of your wine affected by the deterioration of the grapes.

Environmentally Friendly

Vinnet bird netting is recommended by WWF South Africa, and recognised by BWI (Biodiversity & Wine Initiative).






Ensure your Vinnet bird netting is installed during veraison (when the grapes begin to change colour, at the start of the ripening process), before the birds begin their attack.


Only two people are needed to install one net: one person to roll out the netting, while the other fastens it around the anchor pole, fastening it between to the lower foliage wires and the cordon wire.


Use one person to untie the bird netting from the foliage wire, allowing it to hang down, ensuring that it will not be in the way of the grape harvest.

After harvesting, the net can be loosened, rolled up, and stored in a dry, covered area for the following season.



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