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Eco Trap-A-Roach - R129.50 excl VAT
Eco Trap-A-Roach - R129.50 excl VAT

Eco Trap-A-Roach - R129.50 excl VAT

Regular price R 129.50

Product Info
  • Includes 5 eco-friendly cockroach traps.
  • Eco Trap-A-Roach is a safe and clean way to eliminate cockroaches.
  • The bait is entirely made of 100% non-hazardous natural material, so there is no risk of ingestion by non-intended targets. Safe for kids and pets!
  • Consists of a mini hotel with special insect glue and food bait for cockroaches. It works by attracting, then trapping cockroaches. 
  •  Bait consists of food ingredients and contains no pheromonal substances.
  • Successfully tested in homes, restaurants, hotels, bakeries, hospitals, cars, boats, factories and many other places!
  • Eco Trap-A-Roach gets rid of cockroaches that transmit many pathogens, including bacteria, viruses, fungi and protozoa that threaten human health and cause allergic symptoms.
  • Safe to use in sensitive areas, especially where sprays are not acceptable. 
  • No vapours, no fumes, no mess.
  • Pesticide free.
  • Economical and easy to use. 
Directions for Use
  • Place traps where roaches are suspected or activity is seen on a daily basis. Place traps along baseboards, walls, behind refrigerators, under sinks, in cabinets and cupboards.

  • Attracts cockroaches within 24 hours. If no cockroaches are caught, move to a different location. 
  • Traps are effective for 1 month after protective cover is removed.

  • Can be used in domestic premises (including kitchens). Food handling areas (i.e. for food processing, storage and preparation) such as food manufacturing premises, commercial kitchens, restaurants, food stores, warehouses, retail outlets, etc. Public buildings such as hotels, hospitals, prisons, theatres, schools, etc. Commercial and industrial premises such as factories, shops, workshops, aircraft, vehicles, railway stock and ships.

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    Customer Reviews

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    Linda Buchler
    Amazing product and amazing service

    I recently ordered Eco Trap-a-Roach and I am very impressed with the product. It was very easy to assemble, the instructions were very clear. I have noticed that cockroaches went into the boxes from the very first day that I put them down. I love that we are not poisoning our house or the environment, but that we can still get rid of cockroaches.
    The service received from EcoGreen was amazing! I was kept informed of the progress of my order and received the product beautifully packaged, just as promised.