Mole Guard Mole Repellent - 100g - R195 excl VAT

Mole Guard Mole Repellent - 100g - R195 excl VAT

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Product info
  • Mole Guard mole repellent contains a potent blend of herbs and natural plant material that is extremely effective in chasing moles away.
  • It is does not contain any harmful poisons, will not harm other animals and is biodegradable. 
  • Moles are almost completely blind and rely heavily on their sense of smell to navigate through their tunnels. When the powerful vapours of Mole Guard permeate their tunnels, they are successfully driven away. 
  • Mole Guard is effective in repelling the following types of moles:
    • Mole-rats - These moles create mole hills and love to feed on the roots and bulbs of vegetables and flowers. 
    • Golden Moles - create long tunnels searching for earthworms and insects. In their search for food, their tunnels can disturb the roots of plants, causing them to die. 
How to Use
  • Mole Guard natural pest control treatment is easy to use and the results are highly effective. 
  • Horizontal tunnels: Inject small blobs of Mole Guard (1 cm long) directly into the tunnel every 1 meter.
  • Mole hills: Remove the sand heap and find the opening of the tunnel. Inject 2-3 cm of Mole Guard into the tunnel as deep as possible.
  • Do not collapse the tunnel for at least 15 minutes after treatment to allow the vapour to penetrate the entire tunnel.
  •  Moles may start a fresh tunnel away from the treated area to avoid the smell. Continue treating the tunnels until they move away entirely.
  • Mole Guard mole repellent is effective for up to six months.
  • One tube will cover up to 100 linear meters.
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